Cattle rancher turned cattle researcher.

Welcome to Research to Ranch! I am so glad that you found your way here. My name is Tyler Thomas and I am a cattle rancher turned cattle researcher.

It can be difficult to find good, science-backed, information on how to improve cattle production practices. And when you do, they are either vague or over-complicated, with nothing in between.

This is where this newsletter fits and the problem it fixes. Each week, there will be a “Research Roundup”, where we will summarize new research that impacts you.

The topics included each week will touch on all aspects of cattle production from fertility to nutrition. This newsletter will cover research that is useful for all stages of beef cattle production, from cow-calf to backgrounding to the feedlot.

Our goal is to give you access to the best in research summaries, without having to sort through piles of research or read between the lines of hard-to-understand science jargon.

You can also read further about these topics on our blog,!

Plain and simple - we make it quick and easy for you to stay on top of the science and better understand how you can use what new research has found.

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