The disconnect that I witnessed

Animal science researchers are making breakthrough discoveries across the globe and sharing this important data through research journals. They do this so others can learn from their findings and improve how those in the cattle industry operate, ultimately improving the profitability, efficiency, and sustainability of these operations.

But there is a big problem...

When was the last time that you read a research journal article?

The most common response that I get when I ask this question is "never", but some say "rarely". This seems common for a majority in our industry.

Why is this?

Why do people not read about the research that is being published?

Don't we all want to be the best seedtsock rancher, feedlot manager, backgrounder, or commercial producer that we can be?

There are many reasons why we do not read these papers.

Many of us do not read research papers because they are...

  • Difficult to read with all the scientific jargon

  • Challenging to access with the journal paywalls

  • Time-consuming with long and exhaustive reports

  • Vague and hard to apply due to the lack of actionable steps

  • Stressful to stay up-to-date with endless numbers of publications

  • And other reasons...

It is no wonder that we choose to sit down and read the newspaper with breakfast instead of some journal articles. Many of us just don't have the time, energy, or background to make sense of all these complicated papers.

My solution to get the science out

My solution is why this blog/newsletter exists – to help keep those in the cattle industry connected with important research, and share how the science says to better your cattle business.

It took a graduate-level class for me to learn how to read and synthesize research papers, but it should not require a curriculum to gain value from these scientific findings. It should not take additional classes to learn how to be better at what we do.

So, what is my solution?

I am already reading research papers each day, but why should I keep what I learn to myself?  I want to share what I learn from these papers with you and others so that we can all gain value from the research that scientists conduct.

Enter the Research to Ranch newsletter

The disconnect between the research conducted and the findings implemented has existed for too long.

It’s time that this is changed...

Together, let's bridge the gap between discovery and deployment.

This blog, and its newsletter, exist to make you the best rancher, backgrounder, or feedlot manager around. We do this by summarizing new cattle-related research each week by breaking it down into digestible, relatable, and useful ideas for you to use in your operation.

We know your time is valuable and limited so we also summarize each story, where main takeaways are summarized in just a few bullet points. This ensures no matter how many cattle you need to feed, pastures you need to rotate, or calves you need to wean, you can still get your weekly R2R update read.

Our value proposition

The goal of this publication is to help cattlewomen and cattlemen, like yourself, improve their operations by making research more relatable, applicable, and attainable. All in an effort to help you stay up to date with topics like reproductive function, nutrition recommendations, management practices, animal health, and much more.

Our mission is our tagline: Bridging the gap between discovery and deployment.

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Bridging the gap between discovery and deployment by connecting ranchers with research.


PhD student studying production diseases Animal nutrition researcher at Colorado State University Foundation for Food and Agriculture Research fellow Sharing science at Research to Ranch